L.i.v.e. in Tokyo Bay

That’s L I V E rather than going to live in Tokyo Bay. The Songwriters’ Campfires that I’ve been part of recently had an informal campfire on 31st March – thanks to Katie Whitehouse for facilitating and Dan (no relation) Whitehouse for leading us artistically. These songwriting Campfires have been inspirational, creatively motivating and fun. […]

Good News! End of treatment: the end of the beginning!

Please read the whole of this post – I’ve Good News to share. Tuesday 1st November; having survived the non-festival of Halloween I toddled down to the Royal Free to have the pump disconnected and its pipeline removed. Additionally a shed load of tests were to be carried out. My regular Clinical Trial Nurse Marvie

Good News! End of treatment: the end of the beginning!… carry on reading


With a real Noddy Holder bellow – I’m proclaiming the Twelve Day Feast of Christmas is here!I’m adding the content of an email I sent out this morning, with the same spirit, presenting a short animation of the Nativity. “Merry Christmas everyone” Shakin’ Stevens is not my usual reference point for starting a short Blog.

“It’s CHRISTMAS”… carry on reading