L.i.v.e. in Tokyo Bay

That’s L I V E rather than going to live in Tokyo Bay. The Songwriters’ Campfires that I’ve been part of recently had an informal campfire on 31st March – thanks to Katie Whitehouse for facilitating and Dan (no relation) Whitehouse for leading us artistically. These songwriting Campfires have been inspirational, creatively motivating and fun.

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I’m Back! Where’ve I been for almost 3 months?

Ha ha. I’ve been pretty much silent or invisible on my social media since the start of December. I do check our Facebook fairly regularly as there are lots of posts of old steam railways and some of my musical favourites post there. I’m not a Tweeter or an Insta-boy! I don’t seem to be

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Good News! End of treatment: the end of the beginning!

Please read the whole of this post – I’ve Good News to share. Tuesday 1st November; having survived the non-festival of Halloween I toddled down to the Royal Free to have the pump disconnected and its pipeline removed. Additionally a shed load of tests were to be carried out. My regular Clinical Trial Nurse Marvie

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It was just like . . . . . – on steroids”!!

Well, I left you all on a sort of precipice the other day. Time to share the on-going journey – with all its downs and ups! In answer to that pregnant question from the previous Blog – the third “ology” was Neurology. I will continue on to explain. Cycle 3 Week 1. This was going

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“I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it!”

I’m glad she told me after she’d done it! This is my account of what happened to me on the final day of Cycle One: Week Three. I should have been chillin’ down and relaxing with nice thoughts of nice things to in the coming “furlough” week. Instead I was in spasmodic pain from increasingly

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A little September Sunshine

September is Blood Cancer Awareness month. CLL Support Association has long supported this: the huge “ROGER” in our back garden is testament to that. This year, 2022, CLLSupport wanted to promote “living well with CLL” and asked members for photo/video contributions of how they continue to “live well. ‘ Enjoying a little challenge – made

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