My dearest Bothers are 70! Wow indeed!

How did this happen? My dear Lord – we’ve all been spared into this decade of decay, dislocation and dismay – wonderful optimistic words! I hope they have the same opportunities and gifts that I’ve been fortunate to have in this Autumnal phase.

I’ve been a poor blogger for the last six months – there’s limited excitement in catheters, incontinence and constipation. To say nothing of nasl polyps and cartiledge-less knees. Still my faith limbers me a long and I’ve still got my little studio and the new songs keep coming. If this were fifty years ago – I’d have a staff of bloggers, vloggers and technical wizards.

I will be writing after Easter. I’ve decided to re-start my autobiography. It will be fifty years since I joined PGL Adventure. Ther are some juicy tales thereĀ  – Jilly Cooper watch out!

God bless y’all. The cat’s plomped on my lap between my belly and the keyboard – so who knows what gets typed!

Your friend,


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