All Saints’ Day – new EP

The last month or so has not been the best: in terms of my health. Mainly UTIs and knee and leg pains. Despite the fact that chronic pain brings down a wet blanket of despondency I have felt the curative effect of you good folk’s prayers. Any road up – the sum result of this has been a struggle to keep up with things and maintain a good self esteem and self belief. I’m forgetting things like hospital appointments and finding it difficult to sort out things. Also – I can’t cope well with making arrangements – I need some help! No harm in that!

However – I can still get my head round Logic ProX – (WordPress still provides unsurmountables!!)and Mr Sparkler is still hitting the spot – although the bar is set fairly low (he’d be in trouble if he was a Limbo Dancer!! I have a project of original songs in the Hard Drive – but have found inspiration and artistic motivation rather thin on the ground. So the answer was to cover a few old and new worship songs and bash down a vocal track on my original “Up to my Neck”. So I’m fairly pleased with the results – so I thought I’d share them with you.

Four tracks all in one four track EP. It’s in MP3 format – to keep streaming and webspace on the minimum. I offer you “All Saints’ Day” in a rather basic form.

Please listen or ignore as you wish – I’m happy with your choice. There’s a form you can complete if you so wish to subscribe to future releases..

The tracks are:-

1: 00:00  – Good, Good Father :Chris Tomlin

2: 03:26  – Goodness of God: Bethel Music

3: 06:56  – Up to my Neck (In deep, muddy water): Roger Huxley

4: 10:40  – His Eye is on the Sparrow: (Civilla D. Martin and composer Charles H. Gabriel arr Mr Sparkler!

Guitars (acoustic & Electric), Ukulele, Bass Guitar, Organ: RMH, Drums programmed: RMH, all recording, editing and mixing: RMH. “Up to my Neck”: featuring Alan Doherty on Lead Acoustic Guitar.

The Higher Quality individual tracks will available on Mr Sparkler’s Creative site in a day or two. Originals will likely appear on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music in due course – well before my DistroKid account expires! I did think of videos to accompany them – but that will be another distraction!!!

From now on – no more distractions – the 2023 Album won’t write, record and edit itself! It is planned as mostly originals with a few covers.

Keep the faith, keep well and keep strumming (or whatever floats your boat.)

Your ole buddy,



1 thought on “All Saints’ Day – new EP

  1. Nice that you are keeping us all informed and you blog does give you something the address your feeling !!! So sorry that you are having difficulties…Trust that you can remain focused in the positive thoughts and things….Age is only a number and if you let it in to the wrong side of your Brain you will let the negativity take over…. Keep thinking every bad day was the last….. Yesterday has gone it’s history don’t let your Yesterdays spoil your tomorrow’s…..Be strong let Kym be positive with you….We are with you for you and always here if you need a chat….
    Lots of Live to All….
    Pete 💕 Den and All
    Done let the Dark Day of Winter take away All your Sunshine….
    Love and Thoughts
    Pete 💕

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