I’m Back! Where’ve I been for almost 3 months?

Ha ha. I’ve been pretty much silent or invisible on my social media since the start of December.

I do check our Facebook fairly regularly as there are lots of posts of old steam railways and some of my musical favourites post there. I’m not a Tweeter or an Insta-boy! I don’t seem to be able to get my old brain around those platforms at the moment.

During January and February I have been writing a few songs and still continue to be “Mr Sparkler” in local care homes. I think it’s a role requiring more enthusiasm and patience than musical ability – but I certainly have my fans!

Any way – the other Friday morning I had a brain flash and I sat in front of the ole MacBook and thrashed out a few originals. Some, you might have come across previously as I had made some into full tracks. But these are unplugged live and dangerous! Never really put these out before. Let me know what you think. Don’t worry, I’m used to negatives and apathy!!!!

The Youtube link is>>>>   https://youtu.be/9iTtwtTTcso

No one mentioned anniversaries – but Kym and I have been together for twenty years: married for almost seven! It’s been a fantastic journey – priceless wealth in love and companionship, health taken a few hairpin bends! Not what I consider our “official” anniversary – but it was like the Phoenix rising from the embers of my previous car crash of a life.
There’s not much else to report today – but a few little opportunities are on the horizon – so I promise to keep you posted (perhaps I’ll be filling your Spam Bin again!)
God bless you, your friend Roger

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