A little September Sunshine

September is Blood Cancer Awareness month. CLL Support Association has long supported this: the huge “ROGER” in our back garden is testament to that.

This year, 2022, CLLSupport wanted to promote “living well with CLL” and asked members for photo/video contributions of how they continue to “live well.

‘ Enjoying a little challenge – made my own little video including pretty much all of my regular activities and hobbies.

Most importantly is my regular singing in local Care Homes; which I’ve done for about ten to twelve years; off and on. I missed a year or so when having chemotherapy and a year or so during the pandemic. Just doing what I can to actually bring a little sunshine to older folks living in Social Care settings; well cared for -I must emphasise.

Any way to get to the point the team at CLLSupport Association decided it to be the Finale of the month-long project.

(c) CLL Support Association

So it looks like I’ve been promoted from “Significantly Average” to “Considerable talent”.

Oh this is a lovely ray of sunshine – but there’s more doom-laden medical stuff just easing from the keyboard!

Thanks to CLLSupport Association for the opportunity.


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