Joanie – five years gone: but never forgotten!

After a week of emotional, physical and cognitive darkness this week starts with the commemoration of Mom’s passing. In some ways when I received the call from Den early that morning it brought some peace to the stresses Mom’s body was going through in her last days: her spirit had given up the ghost some time before. No matter how long-expected it is – the news still penetrated my own spirit.

I haven’t got many words in me today due to the aforementioned dark week of my soul: more of that soon. I wanted to publicly remember Joan Mabel.

It was also five years since Anna told us her and Mike were expecting a baby: top secret then! By the way Indy starts school on Wednesday; that has already reduced my hyper-charged emotional self to tears more than once today.

The YouTube video is headed Happy Birthday Joan 2021 – it was originally launched then – some nice images – I do think Mom somehow withdrew her inheritance of her sweet vocal talent: but then she was the Naughty Lady of Shady Lane – check out another Youtube video of that song (nothing to do with me!

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