Clinical Trial: Day Two – working for my Chicken Supreme (and then the struggles of Day Three)

Day Two started much the same as Day One; albeit in a different bed space. In fact the waking day was fine. I wrote my Blog of Day One. I managed my low-impact exercises, I watched a bit more video and read a bit more of Mark Billingham’s “The Dying Hours”. I was stilling enjoying myself with a little GarageBand. I went to sleep after 10:30 Observations.

Following a call of nature after the midnight observation tests I noticed a strong arrhythmia from my heart. I called the nurse and Blood Pressure and ECG tests were initiated. My feelings were confirmed.

For most of the night and following morning I was the focus of the nursing and medical care: kindly and caringly efficient. If I’d wanted to be the centre of attention, I achieved that. I just didn’t have the wherewithal to enjoy it. I was anxious and sleep-deprived. It was decided to move the PICC line back a couple of centimetres (an inch) back as it could have been too close to my heart.

The day was another routine of close observations and ECGs. Such lovely people. But I felt at my worst and despite the confidence of my hopeful prayer I thought “what possessed me to join this enterprise?” However nothing quite removed the assurance that all was going to be well. “Hold me, gentle, healing Jesus!” It worked for me!

I’m glad I’d had some good food On Days One and Two because my appetite went south and everything tasted like blanket. I even experienced the anticipated nausea. I was able to drink water but not much else. The little dishes of fruit salad were a blessing.

When I had moments of clear-thinking I put these bad things down to the steroids. I had similar problems in 2015; though I don’t recall the cardiac business.

I had spent most of Day Three in bed. But in the evening made myself change my nightwear. I forced myself to watch a bit of video on YouTube and Rev. on the iPlayer. I began to feel a little better although there was still concerns about the heart rate, blood pressure and arrhythmia. I managed a little sleep. When they checked me at about midnight I was almost feeling myself; at least a poor version of me.

So passed Days Two and Three.

Your friend, Roger

3 thoughts on “Clinical Trial: Day Two – working for my Chicken Supreme (and then the struggles of Day Three)

  1. Bless you Rog, an inspiration to us all. Sending my love and prayers that this is beneficial in the end and will make life easier for you.
    Trials are called trials because they are, aptly named me thinks.
    Take care and will speak again soon
    Lin xxx

  2. Well bro. Not all bad and looks like the food is doing you good xxx nice to see the nursing staff are doing well xxx hope all is good for you xxx

    Much Love Pete x And Den xxx

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