Answered Prayer

First of all I want to stand out of the spotlight. This is not about me – I’m just a step in a process of prayer. A prayer that was answered. I believe I must give God the glory and all the credit in this.

We are all aware of the War in Ukraine. Indeed videos have been made and songs recorded, by myself and many others, composing prayers to share hoping to bring resolution to the circumstances. Sometimes it’s hard to establish whether these have been answered: or in what manner. The War continues; disruption, devastation and death are real threats.

I’m going to share my account of “answered prayer”. I feel I must tell of the generous goodness of God to a couple of families who have put their whole trust in God in ways that make me tremble.

Another little background first: I’ve got too many guitars and because of health issues can’t play them all; some had to go. Second hand guitars don’t have a great deal of cash value. One instrument in particular had been nagging away at me for a few weeks. It had a little story of it’s own: not relevant here!

The other morning I offered the future of this lovely instrument to God, in prayer. I live in enough anxiety not to have, as I then thought, the inconsequential worry of what to do with this “thing”. I was prompted to consider that as this wasn’t going to make any real cash return – so it would be better to give it away; let someone else get the benefit of a gift.

“Ding” the idea of sharing my proposed donation of the guitar on the Churches Together Weekly Newsletter.

Well blow me away! This worked! Yesterday morning, I was wandering through Sainsburys (other shops were available) choosing my favourite from a whole aisle of Barrista Oat Drink (What a Twenty-First Century problem?) and my phone rang.

It turned out to be Tony Thomson, Lead Pastor of Hope Church, Luton. He’d read the Newsletter a moment before making the call. He had spoken with one of the Ukrainian families the previous evening and it had emerged that to make life a little more fulfilled for the guy a guitar would be of benefit. He had a musical talent and had had to leave all his instruments in Ukraine.

This was ticking two “Answered Prayer” boxes! The other guy’s and mine. I was able to take the guitar around to Hope Church and met with Tony who explained more about the families’ circumstances. They are Ukrainian and have traveled to UK with nothing more than a small suitcase each: leaving all their “stuff” back near Kiev. They had already had to do that a few years back when Russia took control of eastern Ukraine. It made me think of the exile to Babylon experienced, all those centuries ago, by the Hebrew people.

Tony would text the man and tell him the good news that a crusty old geezer had been prompted to give up a decent guitar (normally this would have triggered a visit from the Community Mental Health team!)

Praise God that some relief has been shared with a family in need. I take no credit. I just happened to be in the right place (spiritually and physically) to be part of the flow of prayer. I hope the guy, the whole family and indeed Hope Church feel the expression and love that can be generated by music.

I don’t want to get all pious or theological or certainly not self-righteous but what lesson is there in this little story? There is something we can all do. We may not be able to solve a global crisis but we can all participate and contribute on a small, human scale. I pray. I accept that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But take a look and listen to what’s going on in and around you (that’s actually an element of prayer!) Consider what little act of kindness you can bring to someone else’s life – then have a go! What might be considered “inconsequential” can certainly have consequences- and bring hope and joy with your love.

This story continues – but I guess I’ve played my part – I trust these families will remain safe and settle wherever they are needed.

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