Happy Christmas from the “H’s”

With a real Noddy Holder bellow – I’m proclaiming the Twelve Day Feast of Christmas is here!
I’m adding the content of an email I sent out this morning, with the same spirit, presenting a short animation of the Nativity.

The Olive Tree Church, Luton: Nativity animation

“Merry Christmas everyone”

Shakin’ Stevens is not my usual reference point for starting a short Blog. Ole Shaky had some big rockin’ tunes in his time, and he’s still with us. One of my heroes, Dave Edmunds, produced the big hit; title of the piece.

And to continue to scrape the Top of the Pops barrel again – “I-T’-S C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S” in great Noddy Holder style!

The little youtube video I’m presenting to you all is a short animation I recently made telling the Christmas story. The Olive Tree Luton Lockdown music group recorded the carol “Silent Night” for Christmas 2020. I added that to the video as a suitable background music – as you don’t really want to hear my sluggish ex-Brummie drawl.

Another little video I made of a Nick Lowe song – I’ve covered a few. This I actually do live occasionally. I was asked to present it at the Olive Tree Luton (OTC) Carols by Candlelight in 2019.

As you may be aware I’m a follower of Jesus. It has shaped my life for the past forty years. It has been a slow-cooking experience. There have been both triumph and disaster along the way – but I still hold onto that love that captivated me when I was encouraged to have Christian friends back in Ross on Wye in 1980/81. More of that to come.

I have a contemplative approach to the library of scrolls that is the Bible. although it’s not written to me – it illustrates a way to live in trust and obedience. I don’t want to geo to far and fast down this road yet. However I want to share another Blog post I read this morning – Christmas morning!

I’m sharing some words from a Biologos Blog here below:-

“Two thousand years ago, the Roman world suffered many of the same challenges we encounter today – oppression, racial hatred, lies, bitter divisions, and wrong done in the name of God. Into that culture stepped the most amazing thing imaginable: the very Creator of the universe.

If you’re not familiar with Christianity, the story of the baby Jesus may seem sentimental and perhaps no more real than Santa Claus. But the Gospel of John tells the story from the cosmic perspective. He calls Jesus the “Logos”, the living Word:
It may seem too good to be true. But I would argue that it is too good to ignore. If the Christian message is true, if that little baby in Bethlehem is really the good and loving King of the universe, he holds all that we most desire. Christmas becomes much more than a sentimental holiday. It is a deep truth that can and should radically reorder my life and yours. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life – the light shining in the darkness.”

Some words to consider as we celebrate. Celebrate? These times are uncertain and friends and family have or are falling like flies; health, well-being and prosperity being shot to ribbons.
But I reflect on that little baby; born as some kind of desperate refugee. This child of God, to me, holds the answer to life. More to follow!

On this Blog I can be bit freer than the email Blog promoting OTC activities – I can ramble down more country lanes of my mental burbling; e.g. Shotcut, LogicPro, GarageBand, Fr Richard Rohr, Holy Bible, Bibleproject.com, OTC, family history etc, etc

Happy Christmas one and all – sent with love.


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